Little Luzon

Filipino Street Food Truck

David and Katrina Bird

About Little Luzon

Little Luzon began in Janesville, Wisconsin from an idea we had many years ago before starting the food truck. I am a first-generation Filipino American and spent my early childhood in the Philippines. The food I love is what my mother grew up cooking and is a huge part of our lives and a major influence in this dream to start our business.

It seemed only natural then that our specialty would be Filipino cuisine. We focus on simple and delicious “street food” items like BBQ kabobs, fried rice, lumpia (Filipino spring rolls), and a few “old school” dishes traditionally known as Pancit and Adobo.

We’re really excited to share this amazing Filipino food and culture with anyone who would like to experience it and we hope you stop by the food truck and say “Hi” the next time you see us around!

— David & Katrina Bird

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